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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Celebrating Kennys' Birthday, Nuel Chukk, Amani, Dika Come together for Birthday party

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Well wishers came together to celebrate Kenechukwu on his birthday which was a blast on he 3rd of September.

The event, which was held at the Liberty Centre Enugu, had in attendance Friends and well wishers including Nuel,Amani, Dika, Lil Clint, Stephnie, Obinna among many others.

Celebrating Gs' birthday as he is fondly called, Nuel, Amani, Dika Sparkle at Liberty Centre 2016 Birthday Party .
See photos below

 Wishing you all the best !

Monday, 22 August 2016

Guide to Unlimited fashionable clothes

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Fashion designs and clothing always change what was worn years back would definitely be redesigned and modified, different trends come and go , some with the season others within a few years
Each unique pieces have their own deserving time to shine, but there are simply some clothes that remain incredibly fashionable, no matter how much time had passed.
Whatever your personal style may be, having several fashionable pieces in your wardrobe will do your closet more good than anything. For one thing, timeless clothes are great pieces to wear with what is trendy.

 Simple yet Classy

        Sometimes we tend to  may ignore  plain round or V-neck shirts and tank tops but these basic clothes are essential to any outfit, infact most dresses fit well under them and because they are so simple, so basic, these pieces will never go out of style. This goes to show, ladies, that simplicity will never grows old.
  One of the most basic ways to spruce up a t-shirt is by pairing it with a cute structured jacket or a cardigan. Small details, like adding a ring, fishtail braiding your hair instead of throwing it into a sloppy ponytail, and wearing gladiator sandals instead of flip flops can make all the difference in how you look and feel. The best part is, these little extras take just seconds to add -- you'll look great, but still make it to class on time.

Colors and more Colors

       Be Bright , Be colorful .When I say Bright colors, I mean colors that are well, attractive and which sparkle. We know that even colors have their own time to be in the spotlight but there are certainly colors that never go out of style. Basically, neutral colors like orange, white, gray, and nudes are some of these bright colors. Orange is huge for spring, it has the perk-up power of a quadruple espresso, and it flatters everyone. Wearing a bright color in a single item can be simple, just pair it with your favorite jeans or white blouse but to introduce two or three bright items is when the outfit experimentation truly begins. Regardless of the amount (as long as it’s four or less), injecting bright colors into an outfit can create a stylish and unique summer look. Muted shades like navy blue and olive are also colors that never go out of style.

Bold colors will highlight the parts of your body you love: They automatically bring attention there. In case you haven't noticed, color loves company — and a belt is a super easy way to add even more to your look. The results are amazing and so chic.

Observe the power of Classy

One amazing characteristic of fashion is re-imagination, or finding new ways to wear or tailor a certain piece. But the classic cut, a clothing’s original design, can never date. For instance, a cropped and ripped denim jacket with a three-fourths sleeve and in a light wash will be trendy only in a certain time but a classic full-sleeved denim jacket in a usual dark wash will not look out-of-season at all.  Best fashion bloggers know exactly what is modern and what piece of clothing that fits, one color with another, it is enough for you to follow our posts and and always to look fashionable. Must always apply one classic style. Fashion girls, men love classic. 

Be Flattering

The point is, anyone can get away with wearing a leather jacket! You don’t have to ride a motorcycle, or have a certain type of attitude, or dress a certain type of way. Leather jackets look good with anything and everything, whether you’re toughening up a floral dress or going for a chic, all-black ensemble. 

 One very easy way to know if what you are wearing or buying is fashionable clothing is by thinking if it is something that will look good for any body shape or skin color. This means that whatever looks good for everyone can never go out of style. Think of boot cut jeans and the classic trench coat.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

How to Make Leggings Look Chic And Classy

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Leggings for  most girls, are arguably the favorite piece of material in their wardrobes: comfortable, flattering, and comfortable. They’re perfect for lounging around, working out, and going to class—and admittedly, sometimes it’s too easy to lapse into the rut of sweatshirts and leggings day after day. While there’s nothing wrong with that, with a little thought, you can get the comfort and ease of leggings with a flare of a fashion forward look.

However Leggings have gotten a bad rep over the past few years and many have sworn to never wearing them again because they think leggings make an outfit look cheap but I think that leggings can actually look great as long as you have the right pair and the right pieces to wear it with. Often, leggings look cheap when they’re worn as an alternative to pants and they’re too sheer. Investing in a pair of high quality leggings is the first step to making leggings look great.

Here are some tips


     Investing in a pair of high quality leggings is the first step to making them look chic. A thick pair of leggings may cost more but they’re definitely last you way longer. Everyone definitely wants that product which will last them longer , so why not invest in it . Leggings are wonderful in so many ways, including their ability to blend style and comfort in one clothing item. But they are not, under any circumstance, considered pants.
Patterned leggings are great because there are literally so many kinds out there.
They also are not office attire—for that we have plenty of smart on-trend looks to choose from. Nor are leggings to be worn as tights under dresses.

Try colors

   Another way to make leggings look more chic is to wear them in different colors.  Yeah you heard that right, Not only does this take away the cheap look of leggings but it also brightens up and livens up your look. Colored leggings are great if you want to add a splash of color to your look to keep it from looking dull and boring. Try bright colors that lightens up the mood of everyone around you and remember always to smile .

Good Fabrics

        One good thing to do is to opt for luxe fabrics for your leggings. Leather has always been a favorite when it comes to fabrics for leggings because they add a posh and ritzy look and feel to the rather basic everyday piece. You can also go for high quality cotton or spandex for maximum comfort and coverage and if you have no idea how to go about it , hope some of these pictures help.

Go With an Accessory 

 Trying a styled handbag will add a  bit of structure incorporated to your look while wearing leggings and can tremendously help in making them look classy and not cheap. Structure adds an air of class to an outfit and takes away a lot of the cheap vibe. Leggings are warmer than tights, so sub them in on cold days! You can easily wear them under a mini skirt . This is an especially great use of your leggings if they’re starting to get old and faded.

Become the Expert

It's safe to proclaim that tops should, in almost all cases, be long enough to cover the buttocks when wearing leggings. Having a little something on your leggings can make them look instantly dressier. It could be shiny gold hardware, some cute zippers by the hem, dainty lace trimmings or anything else that will set it apart from the generic leggings you would usually find everywhere. It doesn’t have to be big and bold to make a difference so don’t worry about having to make a statement with them.

   Also Striving to be comfortable in your outfit is one thing, but pairing leggings with running shoes and a sweater while running errands on Saturday could lead you down a slippery slope into a sweats-only wardrobe. Don’t be that girl—be better. 

 At the end its what you feel comfortable in, leave your comments and tell me what you think